National Day 2020 Guest Greetings

Thank you for celebrating the UAE’s 49th National Day with us by sending in your written and video greetings. We look forward to celebrating in person with you next year!

Happy 49th National Day! My first was the 42nd. So great to see good friends and colleagues. Best wishes for 2021 and congratulations.Eugenia Davis, Department of State

Heartfelt congrats to the people and leadership of UAE on the 49th anniversary of their union. Wishing the people and leadership of UAE continued success. May Allah continue to guide and bless the people and leadership of UAE. – Nader Allan, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

كل عام ودولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة  وقيادتنا الرشيدة وشعبنا بخير وعز وفخر وأمان
اللهم أدم الأمن والأمان على إماراتنا الحبيبة
أفتخر إني إماراتي – SALEM ALMATROOSHI, TASLEEH

Warmest wishes to the people and leadership of the United Arab Emirates on their 49th anniversary as a nation.  !ألف مبروك – Kurt Amend, Raytheon Technologies

I am proud to attend the celebration of the UAE’s 49th National Day and to pay tribute to the forward thinking, inclusive, ground breaking policies and initiatives of my friends in the UAE.David Sable, Special Olympics

Congratulations – Mohamed Amen, NYPD

Congratulations on the historic milestones achieved this year.  The UAE continues to be a beacon of innovation and an important role model of tolerance and inclusion. – Aida Araissi, Bilateral Chamber of Commerce

May the United Arab Emirates remain prosperous, healthy, and united forever! May the future bring more glory to your great nation! Wishing all a happy UAE National Day! – Hussam Atat, MedPlus Pharmacy

Congratulations on all of the milestones of UAE! – Christine Arakelian, US Fulbright Scholar

Congratulations on UAE’s 49th National Day celebration! – Antonio Arce, Viatris

Wishing the UAE more prosperity, stability and progress. – Maen Areikat, Arizona State University

We wish you a wonderful National Day holiday!  Mass General is honored to partner with you in the care of your citizens, and we look forward to new collaborations and innovations ahead.  You model openness and creativity for all of us.  Our best to you!Misty Hathaway, Massachusetts General Hospital

Congratulations on UAE’s 49th National Day! And welcome to the Space community! – Dallas Bienhoff, Cislunar Space Development Company, LLC

Your Excellency,
Please accept our best wishes on the occasion of the National Day of the UAE! – Salah Brahimi, Grey Matter LLC

Congratulations on nearly five decades of global-leading innovation and growth built on centuries of a rich heritage and culture!  We are proud to be your partners in health.John Perentesis, Cincinnati Children’s Hopsital

Wishing the UAE and its citizen a prosperous National Day. God Bless. – Nabil Azar, Constellis

A great example and a great leap for the Arab World. – Wael Bayazid, The Carlyle Group

Looking forward to celebrating the achievements of the past year. – Ilan Berman, American Foreign Policy Council

Congratulations – Norman Brownstein, BrownsteinHyattFarber Schreck

Congratulations on your National Day Celebration.  I extend my best wishes for a bright future of continued friendship and respect between our nations. James Dunn, United States Air Force

Congratulations on celebrating your National Day!  Despite its challenges, this year has been one of historic accomplishment for the UAE, in its own right and as a regional and a global leader.  Best wishes for the year ahead! – Don Poneman, Centrus Energy Group

Happy 49th National Day to all UAE citizens.Rita Chemaly, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mabruk on your 49th anniversary.  Over the last 40 years, it has truly been astounding to see Sheikh Zayed’s vision of security, prosperity and peace for his country and its people come to fruition.  May your good fortune continue in the years ahead. – Sandra Charles, C&O Resources, inc

Congratulations on UAE’s 49th National Day & looking forward to the 50th landmark  – SERGE BUCHAKJIAN, BASCO International, llc

Congratulations on your National Day and look forward to our continuing partnership to provide the best care for Emirati Children in this country. – Ranjit Chima, Destination Excellence International Program, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Happy National Day! – Frank Conway, Mubadala Investment Company

Congratulations on U.A.E.’s 49th National Day! – Felipe Cusnir, Swell Capital

Congratulations as we celebrate together and virtually, the UAE’S 49th National Day! I wish all my friends, their families and colleagues good health and good luck in the coming year.Greg Connors, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Congratulations!!! – Randall Czarlinsky, American Jewish Committee

Congratulations on your National Day – Shaikh Abdulla Alkhalifa, Embassy of Bahrain

Warmest Congratulations! – Carlos dos Santos, Mozambique Embassy

Congratulations on UAE’s 49th National Day. We look forward to continue strengthening relations and cooperation between Latin American and Caribbean countries and UAE.Gisela Vergara, Organization of American States

Happy 49th with sincere best wishes. – Derek Farwagi, Dermar International

On the occasion of the 49th Anniversary of the National Day of the United Arab Emirates, on behalf of the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia and on my own behalf, I have the great honor to convey my warmest congratulations and best wishes to Your Excellency, the Government and people of UAE.Hatem Alghamdi, Consulate General, Saudi Arabia in New York

Congratulations on the 49th UAE National Day!  Now more than ever it is wonderful to celebrate our global partnership.  May the coming year bring us all health, peace and prosperity. – Scott Flicker, Paul Hastings LLP

Mabrouk and mazel tov! – Jonathan Ferziger, Atlantic Council

Congratulations on this happy occasion! – Marvin Feuer, AIPAC

Congrats! Looking forward to celebrating with you this year. – Jenna Friedberg, Consulate General of Israel in NY

Happy UAE National Day! – Nikki Imanverdi, Etihad Airways

Congratulations! – Robert Green, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Happy national day! – Jerry Green, Pacific Council on International Policy

Many congratulations on your National Day! I join my Church colleagues to share our very best wishes!!Mauri Earl, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Thank you for inviting us to share your celebration. – Luciano Garrido, University of Miami – UHealth International

Congratulations! – Hideo Fukushima, Consulate General of Japan in Houston

Wishing the people of UAE a Happy National Day and all of the very best in the years to come. – Yousif B. Ghafari, Ghafari Associates, LLC

Congratulations to the UAE for diplomatic and technological progress made during 2020! A truly banner year for the Emirates! – James J.C. Richards, Consultant to UAE Embassy

Happy 49th National Day to our friends from the UAE. Thank you for all you do for coral reefs and our blue planet. Honored to celebrate with you today.Roger Germann, The Florida Aquarium

Congratulations!  Best to our friends and look forward to your program. – Steve Eisenhart, Space Foundation

نتقدم بأصدق التهاني متمنيين لدولتكم الموقرة دوام التقدم والازدهار في ظل حكومتكم الرشيدة. كما نأمل في استمرارية التعاون معكم وتقديم الرعاية الطبية اللازمة. – Mona Eljouzi, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Congratulations on your progress of the past year.Ryan Heath, POLITICO

Congratulations on the UAE 49th National Day celebration and all the achievements realized. – Maan Fares, Cleveland Clinic

Congratulations to the UAE on their 49th National Day! It has been an honor and pleasure working with the UAE. – John Frick, NSC

Congratulations on the 49th National Day! – Andres Hayes, DC Government

Happy National Day to the UAE’s Leaders and Citizens. – Ashraf Kabil, Georgetown University Hospital

الف مبروكJon Alterman, CSIS

We love our friends in the UAE and congratulate you on this important celebration. – Larry Kacher, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of the United Arab Emirates Day! – Alexander Zakharov, Consul General of Russian Federation

Happy National Day to all!Talal Kaissi, VP Space Program – G42

On the occasion of the National Day Celebration of the United Arab Emirates, I congratulate H.E the Ambassador and members of staff as well as all nationals of the UAE. I do so on my own behalf and on behalf of the Republic of Uganda. – Mull Katende, Ambassador of Uganda to USA

اريد ان أهنئكم في يوم وطنكم.
الاماراتيون وطن عظيم ومحترم. الف مبروك وتقدير واحترام لكم. – Achiad Kalman, Israeli student

Congratulations dear Ambassador, getting closer to the big 50! – Maurizio La Noce, Mubadala Investment Company

Congratulations on the UAE National Day! The United Arab Emirates has been a great partner with Utah. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We look forward to an exciting 2021 and see you in the UAE for the World’s Fair in October.Franz Kolb, State of Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development

I wish to convey heartfelt congratulations to the Emirati nationals a very happy and prosperous National Day. UAE has a rich culture, with beautiful and warm hearted people. A very blessed 49th National Day to you all. – JALJEET KUMAR, Embassy of Fiji

Congratulations! – Daniel Langford, Multi-Faith Neighbors Network

Saluting His Highnesses Khalifa bin Zayed, Mohamed bin Rashid and Mohamed bin Zayed on the achievements and leadership of the U.A.E. – David Mack, Atlantic Council

Mabrouk and warmest congratulations to the UAE on this special day! I am especially excited and honored as an Israeli/American to know that wonderful collaborations between the UAE and Israel lie ahead in the academic, cultural, tourist, business, agricultural, tech, and medical fields, just to name a few. The people of the UAE are so gracious, warm, and kind — I can’t wait to be back to meet with wonderful students, families and our distinguished AU alumni including our talented recent alumni from the AlNahayan ruling family soon and in good health Inshallah!   – Evelyn Levinson, American University

Happy National Day Dearest Friends and cousins, Shalom and Salam – Gal Levakov, Embassy of Israel

Congratulations on the 49th UAE National Day.Katya Losk, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Happy National Day! – Lynne Lewis, Boston Children’s Hospital

Congratulations! – Eyal Naor, Embassy of Israel

Congratulations to the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of UAE national day. So proud to be a living and working in your wonderful country. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – John McGowan, Global Advocacy & Legal Counsel

Happy to join virtually to commemorate the UAE’s 49th national day. We hope the 50th will be in person. – Eric Melby, The Scowcroft Group

Congratulations on the 49th National Day for UAE! Proud to be celebrating this day with everyone!Duha Alshamaileh, Boston Children’s Hospital

Congratulations on advancing peace. Karen and I value our relationship with the UAE and are eager to visit the Abrahamic House in years to come. – Richard Nelson, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

On behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Washington, I convey to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates my heartfelt congratulations on the 49th UAE’s National Day with my best wishes for a long-standing peace, continued prosperity and wellbeing of the brotherly Emirati people.Younes Nejjar, Embassy of Morocco

Congratulations on this great celebration! – Johanna Mendelson Forman, Stimson Center

Congratulations and thank you for your continued partnership! – Frank Miller, DIA

Congratulations on the 49 th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates! – Sam Merchant, Congressman Al Green’s Office

We are grateful for the UAE granting our church the opportunity to construct a temple in Dubai following the World Expo. Best wishes for the next 49 years and many, many more. – Anthony Perkins, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Congratulations on the UAE’s 49th anniversary national day. The incredible accomplishments that you have achieved far surpass what most countries have achieved during a much longer period of time. My visit to the UAE shortly after its independence and seeing what they have achieved, is a model for other countries to copy – Joseph Overton, University of Hawaii, Kapi’olani Community College

We join you in celebrating your National Day. – Chris Olson, Houston Mayor’s Office

Mabrook. An incredible country w incredible people!! – Hon. David Ramadan

Happy National Day! Bravo UAE! Giving hope to your citizens and to the world for a better future! – Eli Epstein, Aminco Resources


Congratulations!  Amid these trying times, it is wonderful to celebrate your National Day!Capricia Marshall, The Atlantic Council

Congratulations!  Looking forward to the 50th anniversary celebration during Expo 2020. – Mark Ritchie, Global Minnesota

Happy National Day! Felicidades! – Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Akin Gump

We wish UAE and its people much more success and prosperity. Congratulation and Happy 49th National Independence Day! – Ismail Abushaikha, Baylor St. Lukes Medical Center

Congratulations and best wishes on your country’s anniversary.  – Maria Sophia Aguirre, The Catholic University of America

Congratulations & Happy National Day! – Gary Rosholt, L3Harris Technologies

Congratulations to the people of the United Arab Emirates for making the world a better place for us all. – Norman Roule

Happy 49th National Day!! – Colin Rutherford, Lockheed Martin

May God continue to bless that UAE and it’s leadership for many more years to come! – Fuad Sahouri, Sahouri Insurance

Thrilled to be able to help celebrate your national day…even remotely! – Bob Scher, BP

Congratulations on another successful year for UAE despite COVID – Nick Shamie, UCLA Spine Center

Happy 49th Birthday to the UAE! A truly respectful and tolerant nation! There is no place on earth that makes me smile more than the UAE! Alf Mabrouk!Saira Saeed, U.S. Dept of State

Happy National Day! Be proud at your country the UAE accomplishment! – Perhia Shemesh, Jewish Community of the Emirates

Congratulations! I am honored to participate.Steven Sanderson, United Way of Collier and the Keys

Congratulations! – Kam Shah, USDOC

Thank you for the invitation and happy National Day! – William Shuey, Penn State University

So thankful for UAE today and always, Happy National Day from Abu Dhabi!!  Sending Love to all. – Suzie Sims, Elevate&CO – Offices in DC and Abu Dhabi

Best wishes for the THE UAE EMBASSY’S NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATION! – Jose Solis Padilla, Mayo Clinic

Best wishes for a wonderful celebration of your National Day.  We are greatful for our long standing relationship with such a valued partner in children’s health. – Daniel von Allmen, Cicninnati Children’s Hospital

Happy National Day!! – David Sosa, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Looking forward to joining you and celebrating UAE’s 49th National Day – Michael Tatham, Embassy of the United Kingdom

Congratulations on a very historic National Day from your friends at Foreign Policy!Andrew Sollinger, FP

Greetings! I wanted to thank H.E. Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba  for the kind invitation to join in on your National Day virtual celebration on December 2nd! I also wanted to wish H.E. President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan & Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the wonderful people of the UAE a Happy 49th Year! – Stella Thomas, Global Water Fund

Best wishes to the UAE Embassy and the people of the UAE for a happy and blessed National Day! – James Thomson, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

Mabruk! – Christopher Thornton, National Endowment for the Humanities

Congratulations on the 49th National Day – Christopher Tucker, L3Harris Technologies Inc.

Happy 49th National Day! – Cindy Urbancic, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Happy Birthday UAE.  – Bradley Watters, Raytheon Emirates

What a banner year for the UAE! Congratulations on your 49th National Day. As you enter your half-century year, wishing the leadership and people of the Emirates a year of peace and prosperity.Robert Satloff, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Congrats on your continued amazing achievements. – Christine White, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Congrats on celebrating your 49th National Day!
Inspiration, Innovation, Partnership and Friendship are the tenets of the of the UAE!Toni Verstandig, Prospect Global

Ambassador Al Otaiba:
I wish you, your family and the entire UAE Embassy staff, my very best wishes and congratulations on the remarkable journey that His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan initiated 49 years ago. All UAE nationals should be extremely proud of their country and what it has accomplished since its founding. – David Wolf, Fremont Group

Heartfelt congratulations!David Weinberg, ADL

With our warm greetings during the UAE’s 49th National Day holiday. Long prosperous years to the UAE. – Edgar Vesga, Philadelphia International Medicine

Best wishes on your National Day. Together we will celebrate your success and our mutual friendship.Badri Younes, NASA